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Are you ready?
Do you want to plant 'something' but have no gardening experience? Do you putter around in the yard, but want to learn more about plant culture? Are you afraid to do ANYTHING out there?? You've landed on the right page! Plantasia is all about helping you to create gardens you will enjoy-stress free, natural (no chemical products at all!)and suitable for Connecticut's unique environment.
With 18 years of experience in the gardening industry, I can help you to understand your particular site and choose the proper plants for those conditions; that's really the key to gardening success. Follow along on my website for seasonal tips and if you'd like more guidance and information, check the Workshops page to see where I will be offering programs in 2015. Or email me at to schedule a consultation at your home.

Middle Winter
Seems that no one loves the word 'winter'....except for me! I really don't mind the cold (as long as I'm dressed for it...) I think the winter landscape, with snow or without, has a certain peacefulness about it. Like everything is resting for a little while (including me!)
Here's the scene from my deck...doing the shoveling a little at a time.


CT Flower Show
February 19-22
Connecticut Convention Center
Hartford, CT

The Spirit of Spring

Get your spring on at the flower show! Tour 300 booths brimming with flowers, garden tools, accessories and art. You'll be inspired to plan new gardens, plant new flowers and learn new techniques. Just a few of the featured speakers this year: Roger Swain, Ken Druse, Peter Picone, Dawn Pettinelli, and Pamm Cooper! Go to

Upcoming Workshops at
Smith's Acres in Niantic

Workshops are scheduled through the New London Adult Education program. Register on their website See the listing on the Workshops and Classes page.

The Gardening Calendar has something to do each day-it's more of an activity book than a list of chores! No pressure...just suggestions! Go to Sticks and Stones page

Local Stars of the Plant World and beyond....
Many of my friends and relatives are multi-talented...they plant, cook, sew, crochet, play music, ride horses, write books, build things...soooo, I asked them to contribute to my site with some very real usable information for all of you. Like talking to your best friend or mom on the phone and learning a few of their secrets of success.  Take a break and check out Time for Tea

How To Succeed in Gardening
Without Really Trying

Sometimes less is more...just by default ( because of life's persistent intervention-and the weather) my gardens are very much on their own. I weed-occasionally; fertilize-occasionally; water-occasionally; and most of the time, have very little plant loss or pest issues. More often than not, too much attention can be just as detrimental as too little. This year, why not try a more relaxed approach...use the Garden Calendar to help plan timing for planting and take care of maintenance. Go out to breakfast with a friend instead of watering, relax with a beverage in a comfy lounge in the middle of the garden and just enjoy what you've accomplished, or take some pictures of your favorite flowers and foliage. Change your focus from 'what's wrong' to 'what's right' know, the 'half empty, half full' idea. Be peaceful, not stressful. Get some hints and tips on the Sticks and Stones page

Tomatoes in Wall-o-Water sleeves...
Curious? Find out at my program on March 29 at Smith's Acres in Niantic.
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