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Consultations, Education and Garden Design

Helping homeowners learn about appropriate plants for our Connecticut environment. Focusing on native plants of our state and New England, Plantasia can work with you to create a yard that will fit your home style and personal taste. Your colors, your decorating theme, and your maintenance level.

Native Plants and Garden Design

Native plants are adapted to our unique Connecticut environment so it makes sense to use them in our landscapes. They are also of the utmost importance in preserving the natural flora and fauna of our state. Beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees that are native can provide nectar and larval food for butterflies and nesting opportunities for local birds.

Vegetable and Herb Gardens

Ready to grow your own groceries? Even if you have a very small yard or just deck space, you can enjoy a bountiful harvest. Plantasia can help you to maximize your growing potential with containers and raised beds.


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Most homeowners start with a one hour consult. For $75, we will walk and talk about your yard and figure out the next best step! We can then decide whether my approach meets your needs and can plan how to proceed.

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